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Monday, September 12, 2011

High Tech Dream Luxury Bathroom

High Tech Dream Luxury Bathroom
This post is dedicated to those who want to build an amazing bathroom but have no idea what to include. Here are some ideas to consider... :)

Note: All photos credited to the respective websites. Click on the photo to proceed to the original website.

1) Smart Toilet
 Remote controlled, automatic open and close lid, flush, seat warmer...and the list goes on! :)

2) Automated Water Taps/ Faucets
Infra-sensor, self setting detection range, regulates temperate and water flow. Great for conserving water too!

3) Steam Room
Acrylic Steam Rooms, white, high-gloss with integral recessed LED light installs above each seat section to provide subdued lighting. Just imagine having this right at your doorstep!

4) Suntan Shower
Suntan in your very bathroom - how cool can this get?!

5) Mediastation multimedia system
VisiPad Mediastation multimedia system that has taken internet right into your bathroom. Keuco visiPad is a splash protected multimedia system that features touchscreen display and can even be operated via remote control.

6) Mirror cum TV!
A fully functioning digital television one minute, and a high quality illuminated mirror the next! Never miss a movie screening.

7) Create that Futuristic Look with LED tiles!
Don't forget to adorn your walls and Ceiling with LED tiles to complete your high tech dream bathroom. :)

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bathroom gallery said...

Oh fantastic devices for bathrooms! I saw similar products when I went to London last year and I could see the Roca Gallery, they have very innovative bathroom things :)