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Saturday, January 17, 2009

HDB defects checking tips

This is a brand new year for 2009! I know that proud homeowners of Tampines DBSS are collecting their keys this month!

Nevertheless, other than ticking off the check lists provided, some extra tips:

1. Bring a colored tape (light colored), black marker and camera with you.
Its easier to tag each defect with the colored tape and number it so that you can keep track at the number of defects being reported. Camera comes in handy so you can remember how the defects looks like before its being rectified (to your satisfaction).

2. Check for defects on a dry and wet day! Look out for damp walls & floors to see if water proofing have been adequately done!

3. Bring some marbles/coins to check for hollow tiles! Hollow tiles should ALL be rectified to prevent cracked tiles in future.

4. Run water across all the tiled floors (not parquet flooring) to check that all the grout have been properly filled up.
Note: If the floor tiles are not grouted properly and you wish to DIY, here are the steps taken from

5. Run water across the kitchen floor to see if there any stagnant water (water should flow smoothly to the floor trap)
6. Open up all the drainage holes in the kitchen and toilets to see if they are clogged (some construction workers are known to dump cement into the drainage holes)

Here are somemore updated tips posted in 2014.

Lastly...congrats and enjoy the renovation journey ahead! :)

Note: The next step is to report the defects; the steps are covered in this post. :)

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