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Saturday, March 1, 2008

HDB defects Checklist

Once you have gotten your keys from HDB, the very first thing to do is to check thoroughly for defects! Look out for hollow / cracked tiles and toilet bowls. Remember to get them rectified before your renovation commences. Otherwise HDB will not be responsible for any defects discovered during the renovation process.

I have 2 HDB defects checklist to share:
- Defects Checklist 1
- Defects Checklist 2

Another thing to note is to check your flat during rainy days for any damp walls or leaking windows. For us, we discovered that the water proofing were not done properly which resulted in damp walls during one of the visits to our new home. Refer to this blogpost on HDB defects checking tips. :)

The next step is to report the defects; the steps are covered in this post. :)

Note: Remember to check out the Home Renovation Checklist too!


It was just brought to my attention that aside from the defect lists I have compiled, you should also unscrew the metal covers of all the pipes in the kitchen and bathrooms.

This is because some have complained of finding used food containers and waste construction materials underneath these covers! Some workers have even poured cement into these pipes. So, remember to dig them out before it clogs your pipes later on and also, lodge a complaint to HDB about it. :(

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