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Monday, September 19, 2011

How to Protect Your Parquet Floor

How to Protect Your Parquet Floor?

What is Parquet Flooring?

Parquet was once used exclusively in royal houses and French nobles. However, this ornamental flooring has become a common feature in many modern homes of today. Parquetry is essentially a collection of wood pieces that are fused together to create a decorative mosaic effect. 
They are usually made of wood such as walnut, oak, pine, maple, bamboo and even cherry, and are placed in angular, geometric formations which lined the floor. However, rare wood material like mahogany, ebony, and rosewood were sometimes used too. In order to enhance the contrasting colors and patterns of the different woods and geometric patterns, stains and varnish finishes are used.

Protection from Scratches from Furniture & Cleaning Equipment
Felt protector Pads

You can use the felt protector pads (sold at local hardware, DIY stores in pre-cut rounds or large squares which you can cut to the sizes you need) as a buffer between the furniture legs and the flooring. This can also prevent dents formed from heavy furniture such as bed frames and sofas. These protector pads are sometimes known as parquet gliders.
 Parquet Gliders

You can also use casters for the furnite legs. Casters allow for smooth chair sliding but you may want to consider using them with a carpet which will buffer the casters from excessive sliding. The carpet will act as a protective layer to mitigate the wear and tear on the floor. Aside from carpet, rugs can be used underneath furniture sets for  protection and an additional decorative touch.

Use parquet friendly vacuum cleaners which has laminate and parquet floor nozzle. Do not use a vacuum or attachment with a rotating brush as the moving bristles will scratch the floor.

If your wooden flooring already has some scratches, look for parquet touch-up kits from the hardware or DIY stores. Choose the touch-up kit closest to your wooden flooring finish,  fill in deeper gouges. Employ a stain marker close to the stain finish of your floors to blend in visible scratches that can't be buffed out. Leave it to dry overnight. The scratches should appear less obvious.

Maintenance and Treatment of Parquet Flooring

Maintaining the finish and shine of parquet floors is as important as protecting your floors from scratches and dents. Older parquet floors typically have finishes of varnish, shellac or lacquer, whereas newer floors are finished with polyurethane. You should use a nonabrasive liquid cleaner for polyurethane coated flooring.  Parquet flooring finished in lacquer, varnish or shellac requires the use of a paste wax to maintain the finish and shine.

Mop parquet floors with a damp mop soaked in a gentle hardwood cleaner. Avoid using water to mop the floor as stagnant water will cause water stains and warp wood. 

Its important to keep indoor humidity levels to 40 - 60 percent; its recommended to use a dehumidifier during summer months and a humidifier during cold months to reduce the expansion and contraction of the parquet floors as these will cause uneven floors and bumps.

Invest in curtains or blinds for rooms installed with parquet flooring as direct sunlight will causes aging or discoloring of the wood. Therefore, installing window blinds will protect the floors against ultraviolet rays and rearranging carpets and rugs will help to mitigate the damage from the sunlight.

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