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Saturday, August 27, 2011

5 stages of Renovation

The 5 stages of Renovation

The concept of 5 renovation stages was introduced in my previous post. So what are they? Before you start your renovation project, you need to understand that there are 5 stages involved any Renovation project.
1)      Initiate
This is the very first stage in any renovation project. So, what does this stage actually entail?

In order to start the project, you need to identify all the future inhabitants of your renovated home and the scope of the renovation work. These people could be your spouse, your parents, parents-in-law, children and even your pet! However, you might wonder why is this important? This is because by identifying your loved-ones, their requirements and concerns can be taken into consideration while you are doing up your place. This ensures that the needs of all parties are taken care of and you do not run into those dreaded conflicts after the renovation works are complete.  

As for scope of work, you have to decide on the extent of renovation you require for your new place. As an example, you have to decide whether if you are looking at a major over-haul or only minor reworks if you are renovating a resale flat.

After the future inhabitants are identified and the extent of renovation is decided, you can proceed with the next renovation stage – which is planning for your renovation project.

2) Plan
The importance of renovation plan was covered in my previous post. In fact this is where the renovation plan is being formulated. So, what are the areas that need to be included inside the renovation plan?

The key areas which you need to cover are briefly summarized as follows:
  • Scope - how to gather the requirements and the detailed scope for the renovation;
  • Time - how to develop the renovation schedule and contingency actions to take when there are delays;
  • Cost - how to estimate the costs involved, the budget to be set aside and contingency actions to take when there are cost overruns;
  • Quality - the acceptable quality of renovation and how these standards are determined;
  • Risk - whether there are any risks that will impact the renovation  project and how to handle these risks by developing the contingency plans;
  • Procurement - how to source, select and engage the people for the renovation and;
  • Communication - how communication is done and the frequency of communication with the people you have engaged.

3) Executing
This is the most exciting stage of the renovation process. During this process, the renovation plan which you have painstakingly developed is put into action. You get to talk and discuss with your loved ones to find out their requirements, sit down and define the actual extent of your renovation. With this information, you can estimate the cost involved and also budget the actual amount you need for the renovation. You get to interview and then decide on the Contractor or ID who will work on your renovation project and so on.

4) Review and Monitor
After your renovation plan is set in motion, you need constantly monitor and review your renovation works to ensure that things are going according to your plan. If there are any deviations, such as any delays in renovation works or cost over runs, you can execute the contingency plans which you have developed in your renovation plan. 

5) Closing
This is the final stage in the renovation project. During this stage, you appraise the works completed and ensure that your renovation contractor or ID has met your requirements and completed the entire work of scope laid out in the contract. When the work was verified to be complete and final payment made, the renovation contractor or ID hands over the place and the renovation project is complete.

I will cover each of the renovation stages in more detail in my subsequent posts. :)

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