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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Smart Faucet

Smart Faucet
by iHouse

Ha! Old habits die is a high-tech faucet that is both stylish and functional. With its sleek form and state of the art design,  the high-tech smart faucet by iHouse certainly jazzes up any boring bathroom! :)

What is so smart about this stylish looking faucet?

iHouse Smart Faucet features a face recognition system and turns on the water automatically to the preferred configurations (i.e. temperature, pressure, flow etc) for different individuals. This is very useful if you have multiple inhabitants in your house and saves the hassle of having to remix the water to the desired temperature and flow every time you use it. It even allows for you to check your calendar, access email and so on through a touchscreen interface.

Furthermore aside from its sleek stylish form, its LED light changes gradually to show the varying temperature with blue for cool and red for higher temperatures. The video below show how it actually works. However, unfortunately it is not in English. :(

My Verdict? Having automatic water temperature and pressure function allows you to shave off some time from your hectic schedule. However I doubt its email and calendar feature is very useful due to its limited screen size.
Furthermore, I am not sure whether if this Smart Faucet is smart enough to premix the water settings according to the different climate seasons. However if it does, it is worth an investment.

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