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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Smart Coffee-table

Smart Coffee-table

I have covered Smart Glass, Smart Mirror in my last few posts. Well, I will cover the Smart Coffee- table next. :)
Still clueless?  The videos below gives a general introduction of what a Smart Coffee-table is about.

What are the types of Smart Coffe-table available in the market?

In actuality, there is a long list of other Smart Coffee-table available in the market. In addition, they do not necessary encompasses all the cool tech-features depicted in the video above. However they do have one thing in common – they are stylish and certainly a good conversation starter over a cup of coffee. :D

My Verdict?

I have my first hands-on experience with the Smart Coffee-table in Fusionopolis when it is showcased in the Smart Home Living section. However like any new gadget, the novelty wears off eventually. In addition, your neck certainly aches after spending sometime with it and thus it is not recommended if you want to perform tasks like internet surfing, work and gaming. Furthermore, you might have to replace your Coffee-table every few years after its technology has become obsolete.

Nonetheless, Smart Coffee-table with in-built audio system does help to integrate music more seamlessly into your daily life.

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