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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Air Circulators for Air Cons

 Air Circulators for Air Cons

Air Circulator - as its name imply - helps to circular air flow. In fact, an air circulator is basically a fan.

Types of Air Circulators
There are many types of air circulator in the industry. The common ones include ceiling fans, portable fans, industrial fans and so on.

Why are Air Circulators important to Air Cons?
An air circulator helps to manage the constant flow of air in a room. Hence, air conditioning is enhanced since the cool air from air cons is circulated throughout the entire room. 

This leads to more efficiency in cooling the air and helps to conserve electricity; which ultimately results in cheaper electricity bills and longer air con life-span. ;)

Which model is recommended?
living@HOME recommends Vornado Air Circulator*. It highlights that this model has special curved fab blades designed to generate the most efficient wind force. Furthermore, it  is equipped with a military grade motor which is smooth and yet quiet with a wind force span of about 42 meters. It is also flexible since it can tilt 180 degrees.   

700 Series are ideal for larger areas such as large living rooms, office lobbies and conference rooms.

600 Series are suitable for home and offices.

500 Series are suitable for small rooms (i.e. bedrooms, kitchens, etc)

Can be found in Home-fix stores.

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