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Monday, December 26, 2011

10 tips for Decorating your Living Room

10 Tips for Decorating your Living Room*
* Kindly note that this is the summarised version. Do grab your 1st issue of living@HOME to read the actual article. ;)

  1. Choose on a focal point in the living room; it can be the TV feature wall or a simple vase; then design and decorate around this focal point;

  2. Declutter and remove anything you do not need;

  3. If you are unable to declutter, confine the clutter to similar or like themed items;

  4. Move furniture away from walls and arrange chairs so that guest are facing each other;

  5. Define the conversation area or carve out areas with the use of rugs;

  6. If you custom make your furnitures, ensure the unholster are the exact shade that you want; use a color wheel to help you;

  7. Layer lighting so that you can adjust the amount of lighting that you need throughout the day;

  8. Walls can be used for painting, clocks, wooden paneling, painted murals, mirror, photo collage; let your imagination flow!

  9. Create a warm and cozy feeling atmosphere through the use of soft furnishing like curtains and rugs;

10. Improve the air quality with the use of air purifiers, humidifers, dehumidifers and air circulators.

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