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Friday, November 6, 2009

Portable Dryer

Ever thought that the Conventional Dryer is way too expensive, takes up too much space, consume a lot of electricity and lastly, makes your clothes crumbles so badly that you have to iron them?

I was given this daunting task to search for a good cheap, portable and energy saving dryer. After much reviews and research, I managed to find one!

Introducing Kawaki, made in Singapore 100% portable and cheap indoor laundry dryer. After using it for 3 months, I found that the following claims are true:

Cost Saving:
Saves up to 35% energy; I checked the electricity bill, no significent difference (usage rate: 2-3 hr weekly). A lot less ironing since the clothes are dryed on hangers.

We have tried drying clothes, bedsheets and thick towels. So far so good...will try pillows,comforters, soft toys, shoes and bags.

Cheap and Portable: Its less then S$200 and saves space! It is very light and can easily be lifted up with only one hand..
Lastly, its great for delicate fabric like silk.

However the following could be improved.

Capacity: I doubt it can dry up to 50 pieces of items in one go...I have tried 20 items (dresses, pants, tops, towels) and finds it very compact. maybe the rest of 30 pieces goes to panties, socks?

Quality: The dryer seems too light and maybe a little bit flimsy? However, others pointed out that that is why its so light and portable.

Tips: After spinning dry your clothes, leave them overnight before using the Portable Dryer to save more electricity.

Enviro offers very similar functions too.

[Update: 05/07/2012]

Kawaki is no longer in operation.

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