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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Types of Sofa

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" There are several different ways to categorize sofas. One way is by the style. Here are some of the most frequently found styles of sofa:
  • Chaise Lounge—a sofa that has a backrest at one end and no arms (also a reclining chair).
  • Chesterfield—a sofa with padded arms and a back that are the same height and which curve outwards at the top.
  • Chippendale—the style of sofa designed by Thomas Chippendale, an eighteenth century English furniture maker. home institute 1
  • Davenport—a large upholstered sofa.
  • Divan—a long, low sofa with no back or arms, often set against a wall with a backing of pillows.
  • Love Seat—a short sofa for only two people; it can also describe a sofa shaped like an S, so that two people sitting on it can face each other.
  • Sectional Sofa—a set of sections of sofa that can be configured as the homeowner desires, most typically in an "L" shape.
  • Sofa Bed—a multifunction sofa that folds out into a sleeping platform with a built-in mattress.
Another way to group sofas is by the number of people they are meant to seat.
  • One person—chaise lounge, divan
  • Two people—loveseat
  • Three people—(usually) chesterfield, chippendale, davenport, sofa bed
  • Many people—sectional sofa
Sofas can be upholstered in a wide variety of materials:
  • Plant Fibers—cotton (including denim) and linen
  • Animal Fibers—silk and wool
  • Animal Hide—leather
  • Synthetic Fiber—including acetates, acrylics, nylon, polyester, polypropylene (Olefin), and vinyl (Naugahyde).
A sofa is comprised of four basic parts: the frame (which gives it form and is often made of hardwood); the springs (which supply support); the padding, which creates a zone between the springs and the upholstery material; and the upholstery itself. A fifth element, cushions, may or may not be part of a couch, and is created from fill covered with upholstery. "

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