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Thursday, February 7, 2008

ID review: GPlan


Sevices: 7.5/10
Pricing: 8.5/10
Workmanship: 7/10
Interior Design: 7.5/10

GPlan is generating quite a buzz in renotalk and therefore I decided to give it a try after much contemplation. I managed to get Kevin's contact and oh my, he seems to be more kang jiong then me in meeting up. He is very friendly and is kind enough to volunteer showing us his recently completed flats for us to inspect the workmanship of his carpentry works. We met up with him yesterday night and the outcome is totally unexpected.

The Good- He was quite punctual. He volunteered to show us his recent projects without us asking for it.
- He is quite friendly and straightforward. No need to beat around the bush...
- He is quite responsible and makes sure he doesn't 'forget' about us and follows up faithfully.
- The 3 room flat he showed us was quite impressively done.
- He was willing to show us more projects prior to our 1st discussion.
- No hard selling.
- He explained what his company has to offer and head straight to the 2d space planning.
- Our floorplan is pretty odd. Nevertheless, we managed to finally come up with the open kitchen concept to make our dining area look bigger.
- We managed to incorporate the kitchen into the layout of our odd kitchen. Its something unexpected too!
- He is generous and easy to discuss with. Throws in some stuff for free!
- He knows our tight budget and tries to keep within our budget!
- Kudos for him in talking us out in getting those stuff he deemed unnecessary and waste of $.
- We feel that we finally gotten something we wanted at quite an affordable cost.

The Bad- His office is sooo far away lar.
- He has too many customers....kinda of hard to set an appointment with him.

- Got potential lei!
- We were pretty hyped after the 2 hour odd discussion with him.

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