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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Glass that turns OPAQUE at will!

Imagine turning your glass panels opaque at the touch of a button!  How cool can this get?! Now, you can even use this for your home. So, what is this amazing product known as?
*Drum rolls*

It is the "SMART GLASS"!!

Ok, I know that that name doesn't mean anything. So, there is a video that illustrates what exactly a Smart Glass looks like.

Here is another cool one...see it "live" in action (only for those living Singapore)!

When I chance upon this at Privacy Solution, they refer this product as “Magic Film” or “Magic Glass”. I was like huh? Magic? Oh ya, anyway it does work like magic (Btw, I tried to look around for similar products that goes under this name and get nothing useful. Somehow, the term “Smart Glass” came up and I managed to dig up something) but nevertheless, I finally decided that the name “Smart Glass” is more catchy and appropriate.

Oh yes, in case some of the geeks out there want to know what other name this product is known as: Photochromics, Liquid Crystal,  Photochromatics, Thermotropics, Suspended Particle Displays or whatever-you-called-it basically are similar products. :)

Okay, back to the topic. You may wonder:
So ya, this "Smart Glass" thingy or whatever-you-called-it is really cool. But how does this apply for my home renovation?
They can be used for:
  • Window panels;
  • Substitutes for concrete walls;
  • Substitutes for wooden doors;
  • Table tops etc.

Why are they recommended?
Glass allows for more light penetration, and this makes your home appear bigger and brighter. Thus, traditional doors and concrete walls can be replaced by such products to allow more illumination or privacy whenever desired. Some people have used it for toilets, kitchen, study room and so on.

Okay, I am sold. So how does it work?
Basically, when no electricity is applied, the liquid crystal molecules in the specially built glass are aligned in such a way that they allow light to pass through. However when a voltage is applied, these same molecules will rearrange themselves in a way that blocks and obstructs the light.

Enough of how useful it is, any CONS for such a solution?
Obviously, this product is NOT cheap. Furthermore, they do add-on to your monthly electrical bills. I also notice that when in “clear” state, the glass appears a tinny winnie bit frosted as compared to a normal clear glass. In addition, as any other electrical products, they do get spoiled in the long run. So you should look out for the warrenty period, the longer the better.

Where can I find them?
Some international sites which offer such a solution:
Local (Singapore) site:

The Verdict?
Overall, the “Smart Glass” is a worthwhile solution to consider. However, you should access on your needs, budget and lifestyle before deciding on whether to install one for your place. :)

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