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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Does Renovating Your Home Increase its Value?

What exactly is Personal Capital?

Personal Capital is running a social media campaign #renovationrundown and so, I have decided to share my take on how to renovate your home to increase its value and how you can keep track of the value of your home effortlessly.

Personal Capital, an online financial adviser and personal wealth management portal, gives you an digital overview of user finances along with access to Personal Capital’s financial analytic and planning tools. In fact, you can easily track the value of your home while you budget and monitor your home remodel spending effortlessly online. It also hosts a net worth calculator to help you see how certain renovations can affect your net worth. Furthermore, before you sell your property, you have to go through a valuation process to find out how much your property is worth. Well, this step can also be done easily through the Personal Capital Zillow' services, since it uses Zestimate to derive an estimated market value for your property.

Beyond up keeping your home and maintaining it in a good condition, these are the 2 general guidelines to keep your property appealing to the a wider audience:

1. Functionality and Practicality of the Renovation 
A well executed renovation that is both functional and practical would generally enhance your property value. For instance, renovation works which do more than making your property more aesthetically pleasing include the relocating of an ill conceived doorway or wall, building of a partition or tearing down of walls to improve the flow of the traffic and lighting.

2. Renovation works that make the property more appealing
Although a home overhaul that is aesthetically pleasing will attract a higher price for your property, that does not mean that you should opt for an extensively renovated place with fanciful features. This is because what the property hunters have in mind might not be in sync with yours; investors are looking for a property that requires minimal costs to upkeep whilst some homeowners already have a design concept in mind. Therefore, one of the most popular aesthetically pleasing renovation works recommended in such a situation would be the ones that make your property look bigger and brighter than it really is.

To make your home more inviting and airy, you can perform the following:
1. Draping windows with light cotton or chiffon curtains in order to let in more diffused natural light;
2. Using light paint colors such as white, cream, pale grays and pastels;
3. Installing big mirrors in strategic locations to bounce off natural light to make the place open;
4. Using dark colors for ceiling since a dark ceiling creates depth by creating the illusion of height when it draws your eye upward;
5. Using multipurpose customized furniture so that to reduce the number of furniture pieces used and;
6. Using customized storage solution such as platform storage to hide away clutter.

3. Market Conditions
It would be challenging to sell your property when the prevailing market is very bad. Therefore, it is even more important to consider home renovation to make your property more appealing, stand out from others and marketable.

So how much value does a Renovation Project add to your property?
Here is a simple inforgraphic to highlight the potential increase in the value of your property after a well planned and executed home renovation.

Image from zen.homezada

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Dear readers, thanks for dropping by. Kindly note that I have migrated all these posts to my new blog All Things Cozy and Homely . I will blog at the new site from Jan 15 onwards.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Transforming my Living Space with Laurel and Wolf Posted at 08:48 in creative ideas design inspiration stores

Inspired by Laurel & Wolf, it made me think about how I would remodel and transform our living room, a very intimate space which I share with my lovely husband, to cater to our lifestyle.

  What is Laurel and Wolf?

 "Transforming the way people live, one space at a time."
 This one liner basically sums up what Laurel and Wolf intends to achieve and its belief; that everyone deserves to live in a space that is customized to their needs and reflect their unique personality and lifestyle. 

What is so different about Laurel and Wolf?

Laurel and Wolf is the world's premier online interior design marketplace; that virtually connects you the clients, and their vast pool of designers, through a digital platform. The entire engagement happens online, where you first describe your needs and requirements by taking part in the Style Quiz, followed by selection of the designer based on the custom First Look concepts. The collaboration with the selected designer will take place via the online Design Time and finalise your chosen Final Design via the Buy for Me service. You can read the steps here.
Furthermore, Laurel and Wolf features many inspiring designs and home interior furnishing ideas for homeowners via their various social networking media such as twitter, bloginstagram and pinterest! In short, it is truly a one-stop portal for homeowners when it comes to overhauling their homes!

Case Study: Re-modelling my Living Room 

I usually use mood boards to visually illustrate the style that I wish to pursue for my home interiors and Laurel and Wolf's instagram and pinterest proved extremely useful in executing this. Here are some great illustrations for my choice of home interior theme: Pastel Hues.

  I would envision my revamped living room to have more feminine touch...bright and breezy and draped in hues of soft pastels, complete with cozy soft furniture and cushions.  Of course, since this is a shared living space with my husband, soft grey with light colored azure, turquoise or teal , complete with white grey marbled or wooden coffee table should be more in line with his taste.

This would be the ideal place for him to catch his TV shows while I curl up in the sofa with my favorite book.

Furthermore, here is an excellent blog post which showcases tips and tricks of using pastels in home interiors!  :)

What is my final take?

I personally find the rich combination of resources provided by Laurel and Wolf extremely useful in helping me in conceptualizing, defining, planning and finally executing my ideal home design. :) 

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Dear readers, thanks for dropping by. Kindly note that I have migrated all these posts to my new blog All Things Cozy and Homely . I will blog at the new site from Jan 15 onwards.

Chairish - an Online Store for Best Vintage Finds!

If you are looking for an amazing high quality, vintage furniture prices at a reasonable price, this should be the site for you - Chairish!

Chairish is an online portal for passionate design lovers to either buy or sell amazing high quality vintage furniture and decor safely and securely. 

This hugely popular portal is the brainchild of Anna Brockway and her husband, Andy Denmark, Eric Grosse, Gregg Brockway and Giacomo DiGrigoli. In fact, this talented and extremely experienced teamhas brought our furniture and decor online shopping to the next level

Why do I adore this site?
First of all, the site is extremely straightforward to navigate; a few clicks is all it takes for me to find something quickly. Secondly, I can use common terms to search for the design styles that I want. Thirdly, I easily shortlist items within my budget and the photos provided are very clear too. Lastly and most importantly, I can bargain with the seller by making a counter offer!


Which items are my personal favorites?

At $85 USD, this pair of industrial leather stools is so much cheaper when we compare them with theDempsey Swivel Iron Bar Stool, Brown Leather from Houzz which retails at $119.99 USD each!

However, one of my favorite vintage finds is this working Polaroid 900 Electric Eye Land Camera retailing at only $50 USD!  

Does Chairish ship overseas?
Awww....Chairish doesn't ship to Singapore; we have to use services like Comgateway for the shipping to Singapore. :)

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