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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Transforming my Living Space with Laurel and Wolf Posted at 08:48 in creative ideas design inspiration stores

Inspired by Laurel & Wolf, it made me think about how I would remodel and transform our living room, a very intimate space which I share with my lovely husband, to cater to our lifestyle.

  What is Laurel and Wolf?

 "Transforming the way people live, one space at a time."
 This one liner basically sums up what Laurel and Wolf intends to achieve and its belief; that everyone deserves to live in a space that is customized to their needs and reflect their unique personality and lifestyle. 

What is so different about Laurel and Wolf?

Laurel and Wolf is the world's premier online interior design marketplace; that virtually connects you the clients, and their vast pool of designers, through a digital platform. The entire engagement happens online, where you first describe your needs and requirements by taking part in the Style Quiz, followed by selection of the designer based on the custom First Look concepts. The collaboration with the selected designer will take place via the online Design Time and finalise your chosen Final Design via the Buy for Me service. You can read the steps here.
Furthermore, Laurel and Wolf features many inspiring designs and home interior furnishing ideas for homeowners via their various social networking media such as twitter, bloginstagram and pinterest! In short, it is truly a one-stop portal for homeowners when it comes to overhauling their homes!

Case Study: Re-modelling my Living Room 

I usually use mood boards to visually illustrate the style that I wish to pursue for my home interiors and Laurel and Wolf's instagram and pinterest proved extremely useful in executing this. Here are some great illustrations for my choice of home interior theme: Pastel Hues.

  I would envision my revamped living room to have more feminine touch...bright and breezy and draped in hues of soft pastels, complete with cozy soft furniture and cushions.  Of course, since this is a shared living space with my husband, soft grey with light colored azure, turquoise or teal , complete with white grey marbled or wooden coffee table should be more in line with his taste.

This would be the ideal place for him to catch his TV shows while I curl up in the sofa with my favorite book.

Furthermore, here is an excellent blog post which showcases tips and tricks of using pastels in home interiors!  :)

What is my final take?

I personally find the rich combination of resources provided by Laurel and Wolf extremely useful in helping me in conceptualizing, defining, planning and finally executing my ideal home design. :) 

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