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Thursday, February 7, 2008

ID review: Spacious

Sevices: 4/10
Pricing: -/10
Workmanship: -/10

We were attracted by the attractive showroom at the IMM buidling. We stood around for around 15 mins and no one attended to us. Around 3 nicely dressed ladies (interior designers or ...???) walked in and out of the company treated us as transparent. One guy finally sensed our existance and asked if we are interested in their services. He introduced another nicely dressed id to talk to us.

The Good- She explained to us the pros and cons of using glass or other materials as a backslash for the kitchen.

The Bad- First impression sucks. We are not transparent...are we?
- She doesn't seem very interested.

- The place seems more like a place for models wanna be.

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