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Thursday, June 11, 2015

An amazingly easy but effective DIY to keep lizards out of your household shelter!

Do you abhor Lizards? If you do and wishes to keep them out of your Household Shelter, this DIY post is right for you! :)

" Like 99.9 percent of Singapore household, I have a love hate relationship with these nocturnal, cold blooded reptiles. 

My resident lizards have this creepy habit of  staring at me with their reptilian unblinking eyes as they hang motionlessly on ceilings and walls. As if to keep me under their tight surveillance, their tiny heads will follow every step I take while I pace around the house. 

Image from nature-brains

Image from earthporm

Geez! What are you staring at?!

Actually being watched isn't that bad, the really annoying part is when I unconsciously move too close to them while performing the household chores. You see, the younger ones would sometimes lose their footing and fall either onto me or onto the floor with an audible 'piak' when they try to scramble frantically out of my way.

Furthermore, the insolent ones sometimes would sunbath, in their naked glory, on my windows.

Yes you heard me right.

Sunbathing lizards.

Image from earthporm


Picture this, a pink rubbery looking black eyed fella parks cozily on the window glass panel, its internal organs clearly visible underneath its translucent skin! Gosh! Doesn't it have some decency to keep out of my sight?!

Honestly, these irritating habits do not drive me up the wall - yet. It is actually the waste that they leave behind that make me go bananas! In fact, these common house geckos have absolutely no toilet manners and make huge sticky messes whenever they take a dump...

Ya..ya...I admit that the logical part of me is relieved that these resident creatures are at least working hard; more droppings means more household pests such as flies, insects and spiders have been eliminated.

Nonetheless, imagine the absolute horror .......

Image from sciencebuzz

When I discovered that they have been coming in and out of my household shelter freely

What on earth have you been doing in my household shelter?!

On hindsight, this is hardly surprising since the household shelter is cool, dark and has many hard to reach places - certainly a perfect hideout!

To keep out these four legged nuisances, we decided that the ventilation holes have to be covered up. However, since the HDB household shelters are especially constructed to serve also as a civil defense shelter in times of emergency, we have to be mindful not to make unauthorized modifications, alterations or tampering with any part of the ventilation openings, plates, and mounting devices such as bolts and nuts...because we might need it!

The idea is simple, to erect a removable perforated cover over the household shelter ventilation openings. In fact, this we got this idea from the failed DIY privacy screens for the door grille; the leftovers plastic perforated sheets are simply perfect for this project! ;) "

Read this post for the Step by Step blog post on how to do it! :)

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