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Friday, April 10, 2015

5 Things You Can Fix With Everyday Stuff

5 Things You Can Fix With Everyday Stuff

Mr Diva once told me that Singaporeans embrace the "outsource" culture very well; they will pay any amount to get things done as long as they do not get their hands dirty (aka DIY) when getting things fixed. After having lived in America for a period of time, he realized that most Americans do *almost* everything themselves, and some even renovate or build their own house! 

Having grown up in a humble household, I still remember very vividly how my Dad and brother go around fixing things around the house. I know, this is very un-Singaporean but such skills are bore out of necessity. Well, Mr Diva fared slightly better in this department since he has spent a fare amount of time overseas in Ang Mo land on his own.  

Nonetheless, I hope those homeowners who are aspiring to DIY, the following tips should be useful to get you started. Enjoy!

An infographic by the team at

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