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Monday, February 2, 2015

IKEA Staff Called My Kitchen Renovation a S*** Job!

This article caught my eye while while I was doing my research on kitchen renovation. It was published on All Singapore Stuff on 16th Nov 14 but apparently its original post was from Charles Benedict.

Basically, the unfortunate homeowner experienced a very frustrating kitchen renovation by ARTBUILD. And the experience is market by delays, mis-communication, mis-calculation, "hidden" costs and of course, exchange of unpleasant words.

From the writeup, it seems that the cause was due to Ikea's liberal outsourcing strategy (the actual renovation is handled by 2 companies - ARTBUILD and LUXX NEWHOUSE as highlighted by the homeowner) and that due to poor coordination by the Project Manager, the simple kitchen renovation was made more complex due to the many parties involved.

I am unsure of whether this problem is very prevalent in Ikea. However, it is worthwhile to take note of this incident and remember to check how many sub-contractors are involved  when you are discussing with your prospective renovation professionals.

Fortunately, Ikea finally followed up and addressed the homeowner's issue promptly.

Nevertheless, remember to check how many sub-contractors are involved for your renovation project!

This is because this is a generic problem which can happen in any renovation company if there is poor coordination and communication involved. You might not be as fortunate as the homeowner.

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