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Monday, January 5, 2015

Space Saving Ideas: Bathroom Accessories

If you have a mere 4 sqm of bathroom space? What would you do?

The condominium designs of these days are shrinking like crazy. This can't be helped since the  developers have purchased the land at a high price and at the same time, our dear Nanny of the State  (NoS) has restricted the ability of homeowners to borrow greatly.
I could go on and on about how NoS could have and SHOULD have stepped in earlier - and yet they have let the property prices raced ahead. They are 101 things they shouldn't have done and should have done..lack of foresight is really glaring indeed! But I will blog about these some other time lah!

Anyway, here are some of really neat space saving finds for your bathroom. I figured these should be used for normal size bathroom if you wish to maximize every inch of your space.

Here they are....:

Retractable Bamboo Laundry Hamper

Retractable Bamboo Laundry Hamper. Due to its size, aside from bathroom, it can be placed in utility place, kitchen bed room, patio, balcony and so on. I don't really fancy the legs but I guess the legs can be sawed off and wall mounted.  Grab one at which ships internationally (Read: a bit expensive  when you consider the shipping costs) or you can get cheaper alternatives at amazon.

Smart Shower Partition

I seriously don't know what to call this. Simply put, it is a cleverly designed retractable shower partition that makes use of mirror to enlarge the bathroom. This product is a brainchild of duravit. Since shower enclosure eats up precious space in the bathroom, why don't we maximize the space by doing away the enclosure? The product works like this:

A frame in brilliant chrome provides the contours on the wall. Two large self-locking glass doors are fitted in the frame, in a translucent design or with a mirror on one side. After showering, these doors can simply be folded against the wall. This avoids a rail protruding into the room, the tap fittings and shower hose are concealed and the bathroom appears much larger, particularly with mirrored glass. 

My take? I really adore such well-thought and an idea that looks pretty. Practical application will be for common bath which is not so frequently utilized. We can reclaim the enclosed space and use the area for other purposes. Moreover, this solution is a good alternative since taking away the shower screen permanently will mean messy and wet bathroom when it is used.

Nonetheless, I can't find this in Singapore...yet. Maybe its products are only found in atas high-end retailers? In the meantime, I guess we can show this idea to our ah-beng contractors and hopefully, they can replica one so that budget conscious homeowners like me can afford. :(

Smart Stowable Shower Screen

This ingenious idea is mooted by the creative homeowners from rumbleinstyle. Inspired by the  duravit retractable shower screen, they have designed a one-sided shower screen which can be nicely stowed away when not in use and it doubles up as a large glass cabinet once they installed the shelves behind the shower screen. If we replace the glass screen with a mirrored on, it will look very similar to the  duravit retractable shower screen! Brilliant idea!

Thanks all for today. If you have any more ideas to contact me. :)

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