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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ceiling Design Inspirations

Ceiling is often the most neglected area when it comes to home renovation. This is because most homeowners are very clueless what to do with it; aside from cladding it with false ceiling, clove lighting...or hanging sparkling chandeliers or even giving it a pop of colorful neon paint...

Well, fret not! Here are some ideas which you can adopt too!

Image from haybert

Installing the same fabric which you have used for your furnishing on the ceilings too..hey why didn't I think of that?!

Image from houzz 

Adding planking in between beams helps to achieve additional depth and visual interest.
Image from remals

Installing draping fabrics. It is actually commonly seen at the Malay weddings, very stunning effect!

Image from 

Colorful rainbow!

Image from ceiling-design

Install stretch tray ceiling with falling crystal chandelier adds a subtle luxurious touch!

Image from Homedit

The walls and ceiling were covered with old doors . Pretty intriguing ...really brings another meaning to recycling of old stuffs!

Paint your ceiling black...and install lots of cool LED design lighting! Looking awesome doesn't it?!

Image from Homedit

Over 2000 woooden sticks line the walls and ceiling of the shop, creating fluidity throughout BUT a nightmare to clean!

Image from iondecoration

Ceiling made of wooden traditional herringbone pattern, packs drama in this otherwise ordinary room.

Image from iondecoration

“Plain” whitewashed wood planks and crystal Chandigarh complements in this French country design perfectly!

Image from suckerpunchdaily

Humm...I think this effect would be even more awesome if we replace the material used with many crystals woven together.

Light installed with fabric drapes...covers up the ceiling entirely!

Image fromhometrendesign

Posters, art pieces need not be hang only on the 4 walls. You can make full use of your vertical space by hanging erm' on the ceilings too! 

Food for thought: Doesn't this make the ceiling a 5th wall then? 

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