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Thursday, July 17, 2014

More complaints about Renovation Contractors

More complaints about Renovation Contractors

Here is repost about the errant renovation contractors from SGPropTalk. However, I do not think that the errant renovation has risen due to the poorer quality etc. But rather, the onslaught of the BTOs, ECs and Condos are too fast too many for the renovation companies and contractors to handle. Coupled with the labour crunch, it is inevitable that the standards of the industry dropped.
"Gripes about errant renovation contractors have risen in recent years, despite efforts to boost professionalism in the trade.
The number of complaints against home renovation contractors climbed to 1,779 last years, figures form CASE showed. This is a 16% increase from the year before and a 35.5% jump from 2010.

Industry observers linked the rising trend to poorly-qualified interior designers and contractors who rush work, leading to subpar quality. They noted that there are few barriers of entry for interior designers and sub-contractors to enter the industry.

Another issue are the limitations faced by sub-contractors. Labour shortages have made it hard for them to hire skilled workers, so many contractors just “grab” whoever they can get, even if they are substandard.

Industry players say there is no official licensing requirement for home renovation contractors or sub-contractors. But members of the Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association (RCMA) have to abide by the Singapore Renovation and Decoration Code of Practice. CASE also has 21 renovation contractors accredited under its CaseTrust scheme.

Mr James Ho, 43, an electrician said whether one lands a good sub-contractor depends on luck as they are many who are not experienced enough.

But Mr Tan Chim Hoon, chairman of the RCMA, begged to differ. Estimating that only 20% of the complaints are legitimate, he said customers these days often demand more than what was initially agreed upon. "And when it cannot be done, they don’t want to pay you and they complaint." (sic)

To curb unreasonable requests from customers, Mr Tan said he is in discussions with CASE to work out an arrangement such that when a complaint is received, the RCMA, together with the contractor and the client, will visit the home to assess who is at fault and make recommendations. He hopes to implement it by this year."



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