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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Home Renovation Portals

Homeowners of today are so fortunate; the number of home renovation portals in Singapore has flourished in the intranet for the past few years.

Such portals provide a one-stop self-service destination whereby homeowners can conveniently request for quotations from different renovation companies at the same time. In addition, they are a valuable source of information for homeowners to read up on home renovation tips and so on. 

What sets iCompare apart from the other home renovation portal is the extensive range of home services - from Home - Interior Design, House Mover etc, IT Services - Website Development, eCommerce Development etc, Wedding - Bridal Boutique, Wedding Photography, Life - Private Investigator, Driving Centre and even Beauty - Dental, Hair Care etc!

In short, iCompare offers a pretty comprehensive range of services. 

RenoNation is a relatively new home renovation portal. Nonetheless, prospective homeowners still flock to this site due to its clean sleek design, interactive services such as "Ask Professional" eServices and the ability for homeowners to rate and post their reviews of the Interior Design firms. 

RenoTalk is one of the oldest pioneer home renovation portal in Singapore. In fact, I used to frequent its forum when I was preparing for my home renovation. In addition, I noticed RenoTalk has started to have an online product catalog too.


RenoMango is a new portal launched sometime in April last year. Its layout reminds me of the yellow pages but nevertheless, its a good source of home interiors and renovation information.

Plush Home is very similar to RenoMango. It also has products and services listings.

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