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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Simple Human - Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser

I have been looking around for a grocery bag dispenser that looks deliciously good, and is both sturdy and lasting. Finally, I decided on the Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser from simplehuman since it seem to fit these  criteria. 

The Product
The Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser arrived in a thick cardboard box and is bubble wrapped. Once out of the bubble wrap, the dispenser feels heavy, solid and it is evident that the product is designed with a premium finish in mind.

Product Installation
The installation process is very straight forward since you can opt to mount it using the screws provided or with the thick double sided pre-mounted masking tapes. As we are using it on one of our cabinet doors, we skipped the screws as they will protrude out from the other side of the cabinet door when used. However, Mr Diva decided to add on more double sided masking tapes to make it more secure. 

It is really tempting to just stuff the plastic grocery bags right after the installation is complete. In fact, Mr Diva is sooo carried away and the outcome looks....really messy.  -_-""

Hence I decided to step in and do something about it.

These bags have to be neatly folded before they are stuffed inside the bag dispenser. In case you are wondering how this can be achieve, the step by step technique is detailed above.

Aside from being neat, the advantage of having the grocery bags folded into little adorable triangles is that you are able to gauge the size of the bag more accurately! :)

Although the specifications state that the dispenser can accommodate up to 30-40 grocery bags, I was able to achieve 50% more room with this simple technique! See?!

My Verdict
This is yet another winning product from simplehuman. Not only does the Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser looks sleek and good, it functions pretty well too without burning a big hole in your pocket.

Not convinced? Just take a look at the positive reviews from the other customers.

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