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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Renovation Plans Ahead Update - It isn't a Happy Ride

It isn't a Happy Ride

I blogged my Renovation Plans Ahead nearly 2 months ago and decided to do a quick update tonight.

In our search for a reliable renovation professional, we decided to head back to the Interior Design company which done up our flat nearly 6 years ago.

Many of you have actually asked me for the name of the Interior Design company which was responsible for our renovation, and hoped that I could recommend its services to you. 

Well, I decided not to since although the Interior Design company - let us call it G.P - had done a reasonably good job, I am not so sure of its after sales services.

Nonetheless to cut the long story short, I am glad that I did not recommend G.P to any of my readers. I am terribly disappointed with their way of handling their past customers. 

We approached G.P for a budgetary quotation on the cabinets. After some discussion, Mr Diva helpfully pointed out that their workmanship still have to be improved since one of the cabinet drawer had fallen off after barely 6 years of use.

J, the interior designer said that this could be rectified promptly FOC if we write in. I was pleasantly surprised since our 5 years warranty had lapsed.

However, another interior designer S, who was supposed to follow up in this matter took ages to respond. I wrote in a couple of times just to arrange on the date which the rectification can be done and most of my emails were ignored.

Until Mr Diva got so fed up he wrote to the managing director directly and S took action immediately.

As employees representing their company, J and S did not take this opportunity to re-engage their past customers and instead chose to sideline them instead.

With this, my faith and trust in G.P is gone. I do not and have decided not to engage them for my future renovations.

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