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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Overhauling my Blog

I am in the middle of overhauling my blog right now... Hence, do allow me some time as I reorganise my blog posts to make it easiler for you to access them.

As of now... the following are under construction:

  • The top menu might be empty for some category. I am slowly tagging blog posts to the correct category..In the meantime, you should use the blog archive to read the rest of my blog post

  • New categories are being introduced. My renovation project has completed quite a couple of years back...I have ventured into home maintenance and home related products and thus will be posting more of such right now. Even though there are minor renovation projects in the pipeline, they are not as massive as compared with what I have done before.. 

  • There might be some broken links in the middle of the blog posts. I am in the process of removing all the ads from my posts and hence the broken urls..

Lastly, many thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you love the new layout as much as I do. Its like doing a mini renovation for my blog every year...improving it to make it more user friendly and prettier..hee hee...and also thank you for your emails! You have motived me to keep this humble place alive! :)

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