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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Xiaxue's House Tour - Part 1

Xiaxue, a famous local Singaporean blogger, has finally given a sneak preview of her newly renovated place.

Well, I must say that her place is really nicely done up with the help of her sponsors and of course, her creativity. Nonetheless, here are some of the things I really adore:

"Vintage" Beach Theme
Actually, I feel it is more of a rustic beach theme instead, since no antique was featured in her place...anyway, I like how she pieced every thing together.

Devil in the Details:
Xiaxue really took pains in those tiny details during her renovation: she wrapped the speakers up with rattan ropes, used sand colored carpet, purchased starfish lights and I especially love the cute foam buoy on top of the TV.  She kept the messy cables at the minimum by using the Eubiq power track. However, do take note that aside from Eubiq...

Easycon also carries similar product too. Oh gosh I wish I have one of these installed too! I really hate how those darn tangled-up bunch of cables mess up the look of my home! :(

Xiaxue used the rattan swing from the Salvation army and it only costed her $20! Yes, I agree that the swing adds a perfect touch to her personal idyllic corner.

Cheap Alternative:
Xiaxue brought her matching blue-green chandelier Taobao at only $90. Yup you heard me right, for only $90. I guess it is also time for me to check out Taobao too. :)

Retro Fridges:
SMEG range of retro fridges caught my attention when I changed upon them at Jalan Kayu. Although I adore the design and color (comes in an amazing array of delicious colors!), it is kinda small and thus not recommended for a big household...

U-shaped and Corner Drawers:
Blum's U-shaped drawers that fit under sinks and corner drawers is nothing new actually. You can get your carpenters to do up one for you too at a fraction of price.

Kitchen Filter Tap 
Grohe Blue Kitchen filter tap allows for water to go through the filtering process so that you get to have drinkable water directly from the tap.

Insect Screens
This is really a must have for all HDB flats! Insect Screen can block lizards, spiders, mosquitoes and flying bugs...and best of all, they seem really easy to install too. After installation, you can leave your windows open without having to worry those creepy crawly creatures invading your place. I am seriously considering to install one for my place. However, I wonder if they are hard to clean when the insets accidentally smashed themselves against the screens - which frequently happens to my windows. :(  

Nonetheless, here is a video post. Enjoy! :)

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