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Friday, February 15, 2013

What to Look Out for When Buying a Washing Machine


 Here are some pointers to watch out for when buying a washing machine. :)

1) Capacity

The bigger the washing machine capacity, the more laundry you can load per wash. The capacity of a washing machine is measured in kilograms.

To summarize from appliancesonline, the washing machine capacity recommended for a family is as follows:
5kg - couples
7-8kg - small family of four
9-10kg onwards - bigger or extended family

2) Price and user friendliness
Top Loaders are generally cheaper and more user friendly since you do not need to squat down when using it. It is easier to operate too since it uses regular detergent.

Front Loaders are more expensive and not very user friendly since you need to squat down when using it. Thus not recommended for elderly. It is more expensive to use since you need to buy a special detergent known as the HE (High Efficiency) detergent. Otherwise, the clothes will not be clean. Using regular detergent will cause the front loader mechanical problems in the long run.

3) Noise and space

Top Loaders are generally noisier during operation and due to its design, cannot be stacked with dryers. Therefore, it takes up more space.

Front Loaders are quieter during operation and compact in design and thus, dryers can be stacked on top to save space.

4) Delicate clothes
Front Loaders are gentler on clothes and suitable for delicate clothing.

5) Water And Energy Efficient
Although Front Loaders is more expensive, it is more energy efficiency and on average use one-third to one-half times the amount of water used by a Top Loader.

The Water Efficiency Labeling Scheme (WELS) helps to reflect how water efficient an appliance is. The more ticks the label has, the more water-efficient the washing machine model is.

6) Material and built

Stainless-steel washing tub lasts the longest as compared to a porcelain-coated steel or high-grade plastic tub. A steel tub can withstand heavy duty usage and faster spinning power.

7) Product Reviews
Sites such as CNET provides honest product reviews from consumers and thus very useful in helping you to make your purchase.

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