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Monday, January 21, 2013

What to look out for when purchasing a Fridge

What to look out for when purchasing a Fridge

Here is simple guide on what to look out for when buying a refrigerator. :)

1) Storage Size

The size of your kitchen will affect the size of the refrigerator and cabinet sizes.If you have a big family and cooks a lot, you might want to consider cutting down the cabinet to make way for a bigger refrigerator. Your storage needs might need to be catered for somewhere else (like in a storeroom or dining area).

To summarise, the size of the fridge recommend for the families are as follows:

700 - 800 litre fridge - extended families 
300 - 400 litre fridge - small family of 3-4

If you are simply looking for a replacement fridge, you should always measure the dimensions of the refrigerator base and the height of your existing fridge. 

2) Features

The more "bells and whistles" a refrigerator has, the more expensive it will be. There is wide range of interesting features available. You probably has already came across the following:

• Water and Ice dispensers;
• Ice makers;
• Spill-proof shelving;
• Moisture controls;
• Auto-defrost and the list goes on!

3) Configuration

• Top mount freezers
You can find the freezer compartment on top and such layout is the most common model. Usually such configuration is the cheapest and comes available in fun sizes (read: small).

• Bottom mount freezers
You can find the the freezer pullout compartment below. I personally don't like such configuration since you need to bend down a lot.

• Side-by-side
The fridge and freezer are located side by side. Due to the design, such shelves are narrower and constrains the size of the items you can store.

• French Doors
It is a combination of Side-by-side and bottom mount freezers models. Doors are accessed from the middle.

4) Energy Efficient

I always watch out for the Energy Label for energy efficient refrigerators. 3 ticks and above is the more energy efficient models. Although such model comes with a more hefty price, the monthly running costs of such refrigerator is lower.


 5) Product Reviews

Prior purchasing, I always read up consumer reviews from sites such as CNET for product reviews.

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