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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Asbestos Safety during Home Renovation

Asbestos Exposure is Preventable With The Proper Gear

 by Brian Turner

Brian Turner is a health and safety blogger for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. He has been researching and writing about the health and safety concerns that one should keep in mind while doing renovations at home. There are many hidden risks with such projects that could cause harm to yourself and even family members. Thus, here is an article contributed by him on asbestos safety during home improvement works.

"In the New Year, many people have resolved to improve their home through renovations. During the winter, people typically want to lower utility bills and keep their expenses low. This requires replacing the windows with double or triple-pane glass or replacing the insulation. While this will save homeowners money, they also may be exposed to asbestos if the home was built before the 1970s.

Asbestos exposure is dangerous and can lead to the development of mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a deadly cancer that is a result of the asbestos mineral being lodged into lining of the lungs or other areas of the body. Prevention of asbestos exposure is necessary during home renovations. Here are a few tips to prevent asbestos exposure.

1. Test for Asbestos
If you are renovating, you should always test for asbestos. If you accidentally drill into an asbestos-laden floor tile or a wall with asbestos insulation, you may be at risk for asbestos exposure. The mineral could become airborne and be inhaled into your lungs. This is a dangerous situation and can result later on in the development of mesothelioma.

2. Contain Asbestos and Contact a Professional for Removal
To prevent asbestos exposure, experts recommend contacting a professional. These people are trained to remove asbestos without exposure. Professionals will come into the home and remove the asbestos with equipment. The service may be expensive, but the professionals can remove the asbestos without any difficulty.

3. Always Wear Protective Clothing 
Always wear protective clothing when removing asbestos from the home. This may require wearing goggles, aspirators, gloves, hats and other protective gear. When you protect yourself, you can prevent mesothelioma that may truncate your life prematurely. Wear protective clothing to protect your health and your family’s health.

Asbestos Exposure is Difficult to Prevent But It’s Possible 
Asbestos exposure is preventable with the proper equipment. Wear asbestos-resistant clothing and protective gear to prevent exposure. Always take precautions to protect your family and your life in the years to come. If at all possible, hire professionals. If you cannot afford professionals, stay safe by following the tips provided.

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