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Sunday, December 23, 2012

FREEBIES! Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Image  credits to Eat, Drink, Chic

Printable Holiday Gift Tags

I stumbled upon this post which highlight sites that offer FREE printable holiday gift tags and decided to share this gem with you. These printable gift tags are pretty useful as Holiday or Christmas embellishments too! All you need is just a color laser printer and art papers. Go ahead and knock yourself out with these freebies!

1. Holiday Gift Tags by Camilla Engman - Studio Morran
6. Winter Bird Tags (3 Different Sheets available) from Rebecca's Misc
10. Holiday Gift Tags from Helen Dardik - Orange You Lucky 

12. Holiday Gift Tags (available in two different colorways) from Hey Look (via Emily)
13. Calligraphy Tags and Cards designed by Meant to be Calligraphy, in collaboration with Shimtokk (via Hey Look)
16. Gift Tags from By Bora 
17. Gift Tags from Love Mae (also be sure to see the Love Mae exclusive design available in the back of Gifted Magazine)
19. Holiday Tags from Love vs. Design - see more free printables from Love vs. Design Here (via Holly)

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