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Sunday, December 9, 2012

iClebo - An Awesome Robotic Cleaning Assistant!

 iClebo Smart- A robotic cleaning assistant 

* This is not a sponsored post *

I blogged on iRobot around a year ago. Today, I am going to do a post on iClebo Smart. iClebo is a smart intelligent cleaning robot and is made in Korean. You can actually read the detailed product specifications from this page and here is a brochure for iClebo Smart. 

I have the privilege of using a pre-owned 1 year old iClebo Smart for the past 0.5 month and glad to announce that it actually works as advertised. 

As there is a lot of construction work going on, I decided to programme iClebo to work at 2pm daily and it has been diligently doing that without fail. I realised to my delight that it is also very easy to use and fuss free.

Even my mum who steers clears from anything that relates to technology adores it dearly and even gave it a pet name as the "little beetle". She even complimented that it is doing a better job than me in keeping the floor clean!

The previous owner has decided to upgrade to the model, iClebo Arte which has a thinner profile, longer battery after using iClebo Smart for over a year without any problems.

An overview of the difference in the product specifications is illustrated in the following page.

iClebo even won the PC World Editor’s Choice Award: ! 

You can place your orders using the following form or call the iClebo Sales Hotline: 9459 7127.

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