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Friday, September 14, 2012

Hidden Costs in Renovation Quotes II

Hidden Costs in Renovation Quotes II

I covered on areas to watch out for hidden renovation costs in my previous blog post. Now, here is a list of other areas which you should also be mindful of.

1) Price fluctuation
Another factor to cause prices to change or escalate is the cost of building supplies. For instance when there was a period when sand is limited in supply. Consequently, the price of renovation shots up.


2) Peak Season
Usually, the renovation prices are more expensive during “peak” seasons. Examples include the period leading to New Year, Chinese New Year and Christmas as many homeowners want their homes to be ready before these festive seasons. Under such circumstances, the resources to complete the home renovations are usually stretched. Therefore, renovation companies usually try to attract customers homes during “off-peak” seasons by giving discounts.

3) Rectifying Mistakes
Sometimes, people who try to DIY may end up messing things up and paying more to get the problem rectified.

4) Relocation
Most home owners forgot that there is a cost when they need to hired professionals to help them in the relocation. The price of professional movers is around a few hundred dollars in Singapore.

5) Inexperienced Interior Designers or Contractors
Inexperienced Interior Designers or Contractors either under or over estimate their renovation costs. In the first scenario, you have to end up paying more than expected whilst for the second scenario,, you are paying more than expected (but not realising it).

What other areas could you think of ? Do share! :)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your informative posts. Helps us loads! We are noobs, first time home owners & just got our keys!
Obviously we're looking to renovate our nest. Unfortunately, we cant take up a bank loan.
Wonder if u know of any IDs that provide in-house loans (not credit card, cash mthly installments). We can put a few thousand for deposit though.
Any input would help. Thanks!

Diva said...

Hi Aisqueen,

Glad that my posts helped in your renovation.

Unfortunately, I do not know any companies that provide in-house loans.