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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Urban Living - Inspiring Interior Design

Urban Living - Inspiring Interior Design

This unique design really caught my eye. The owner has cleverly maximise the space by crafting out a small study table on top of the bed, which is pretty unusual. Did you notice the "floating" stairs on your left? With embedded lights to light up the stairway? Notice how the lighting below the bed platform creates the similar "floating" atmosphere too?
The cement walls give off an "industrial" vibes which complements the steel overhanging structure nicely. The owner has opted for earthly fabric upholstery to add some warm to the room, otherwise the effect would have been very dull and cold.

I love dark colors...especially when it is used for walls. This is because the black walls will "frame" and contrast the furnishings beautifully, nicely illustrated in this photo.   


Simple...understated, in black and white.

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