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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Home 2012 - Grand Furniture & Reno Expo

My Home 2012 - Grand Furniture & Reno Expo

Singapore’s grandest furniture and renovation expo is back! My Home 2012, which takes place in the month of August, has in stall for you a wide range of services and products for home-building, from renovation to furnishing and furniture. 

Last year, the 10,000 square metres exhibition pulled in an astonishing sales figure of $8.5 million, from 100,000 visitors. Thus for this year, be prepared to be spoilt for choices since there will be a wider range of renovation services and furniture and furnishing products to choose from!

Some highlights of this event include:

1. More than 20 major brands of Mattresses!
The familiar brands include Asleep, Dunlopillo, Eclipse, Englander, JG Nino, King Koil, Lady Americana, Life Balance, Lotus, MaxCoil, Napure, Nature’s Rest, PMB, Sealy, Serta, Simmons, Slumberland, Spring Air, Sweet Dream and Tempur.

A sidenote, we wanted to get Lady Americana since their mattresses are really comfortable, but unfortunately not their prices. :(

2. Space Saving Solutions by Spacemanstore
Spacemanstore will be featuring 2 products: Slumbershelves, a space saving solution which conceals a full sized bed behind shelves and Deskappear, which showcases desks which can be hidden away when not required.

3. Niffy way to maximise the Bay Window space 
The specially designed solution by The Tatami Shop to maximise the usage of the bay window caught my attention. First of all, it makes it easy for anyone to read and relax at the bay window and since it is foldable and portable - it means you can bring it anyway and use it in other parts of the home as well! Hopefully, they will be showing this at the exhibition too. 
4. Bringing luxurious experience to your home
Sunlighten Sauna will be presenting their Sauna home solution in the exhibition. This is a pretty interesting concept; enjoying the benefits of Sauna in the comforts of your home. However, I noted that the price and the cost of  maintenance for this might be prohibitive...

5. Making Your Home Elderly Proof
I blogged about How to make Your Home Elderly Proof last month and therefore, I am really excited when I realised that Singapore Polytechnic will be showcasing their innovative inventions, which will make senior citizens and the handicapped their home a safer and more independent place to live in. For example, they will be featuring adjustable toilet seat for the needy to stand up with little effort and strength. 

6. Door Gifts and National Day Specials   
Limited edition door gifts (while stocks last) which includes "specially designed trivets and plates of various colours. With purchase, more souvenirs and lifestyle products will be given for free. Examples are an exquisite set of 3 vintage inspired canisters for coffee, sugar and tea, candle stands and funky home storage boxes. In addition, the organizers have brought in some special items for sale that is sure to set off a craze among ladies out there. Do remember to come dressed in our national colour. That will entitle you to a mystery gift in celebration of Singapore’s 47th Birthday." blah blah blah.
However, my experience told me that these freebies are nothing to rave about.

7. $60,000 worth of Lucky Draw Cash and Prizes to be won
Ok, it is no coincidence that I left this as the last highlight for the event since the probability of winning these prices is a pretty big long shot - but maybe the chances are slightly better as compared to winning a TOTO.
Anyway, these are the prices that you can expect.
  • 1st Grand Prize of $20,000 cash;
  • 2nd Prize of $6,888 cash;
  • 3rd Prize of $3,888 cash; 
  • Plus weekday daily draws.

Here are the details of the exhibition:

Exhibition Content: Furniture, Furnishing & Reno Companies
Location: Singapore Expo, Hall 6
Date: 4 Aug to 12 Aug 2012
Time: 11 am to 10 pm
Cost: Free Admission, open to Public
Refer to here for directions and accessibility.

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