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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror

Okay, I admit I am a geek...really this is an occupation hazard..

At work, I studied the latest technology that can be incorporated and harnessed for work to be more effective and efficient. Hence, I hope that we can also do the same thing in the comfort of our homes! :)

Previously, I did a post on Smart Glass. So next on my list of staples for the Smart Home of the Future is the .... *Drum Roll*

Smart Mirror!

Technology is progressing rapidly and user adoption depends heavily on whether it is able to integrate tightly in our day-to-day life. Thus, it seems logical that daily ubiquitous household staples like mirrors are being targeted.
What does a Smart Mirror do? Smart Mirror probably allow for people to check mails, schedules, appointments, Facebook, read news, see weather forecast, surf website, display date, time, temperature, listen to music and the list goes on. Inshort, it is pretty similar to an iPad which doubles up as a mirror.
My Verdict?
To be honest, even though this mirror is pretty cool, there’s no denying that the functions that it provides is pretty trivial. Aside from providing the convience of staying connected during bathroom breaks, it is hard to envision how else it can make your life more efficient. Moreover, it is probably expensive to install one and time spent in front of the mirror is not very significant.
I am interested in getting where can I find it?
You should be able to get it at ROCA. For Singapore, Interior Affairs is the company which carries this product.
The Smart Mirror solution named Innova Radio, allows you to connect to a range of functions: stereo FM radio, lighting, time and ambient temperature.The Innova radio also has a USB port for you to connect to an MP3 player, a fluorescent light externally controllable via the main bathroom switch and a demister system.
Update: Interior Affairs is retailing the Smart Mirror @ the price of $3,170 (excluding 7% GST and installation fee of $80) with 2 years warranty.

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