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Thursday, May 31, 2012

What to look out for before engaging an Interior Designer or Contractor?

For many 1st time home owners, renovation is a very stressful affair, especially so if they have never managed projects beforehand. In case some of you might wonder, yes, renovation IS a project.

For many, it is a daunting experience and may be fraught with many misunderstandings if expectations between all parties are not aligned and boundaries drawn.

Therefore, please do your homework! Research, research and research! Make every effort to choose the BEST man for the job. Remember you deserve nothing but THE best. :)

So then, what should you look out for? How would you know whether if your Interior Designer (ID) or contractor measures up to your expectations?

1. Valid license
First of all, you should find out whether if the ID or Contractor is licensed and at least listed under the RADAC Singapore National Registry of Accredited Renovators 2011 site
2. Quality of Proposal and Contract
The following areas must be addressed in detail:
  • Complete understanding of plans, specifications and requirements;
  • Detailed time-table and schedule which details the entire work from beginning to end;
  • Agreed milestones;
  • Detailed payment schedule when milestones have been complete;
  • Agreement to obtain all the required permits without additional cost;
  • Compliance with safety requirements at work site;
  • List of past customer references;
  • Minimum of at least one-year warranty;
  • Provision for change orders and the agreed charge rate;
  • Agreed channel to settle disputes (if any).

3. Personal Qualities
Observe for the following traits of a professional:
  • Excellent job supervision skills;
  • Effective communication with own staffs and customers;
  • Realistic in his or her expectations;
  • Diplomatic and willing to resolve disputes in a WIN WIN manner;
  • Gains respect and is respectful;
  • Maintain excellent post-project customer relationship.
 Hope you find the above list useful. :)

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