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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Overseeing and Managing your Interior Designer/Contractor

You have finally signed along the dotted line and award your $xxxk worth of renovation contract to the Interior Designer or Contractor...aka the Chosen One.

Next, you entrust the Chosen One with the keys to your new home...So now.... what is next?

Should you deem your work complete, sit back and relax?

Do you wait for the Chosen One to magically turn your empty shell into your dream home?

The answer is a resounding NO!

You should never be passive and wait for disaster to happen! You need to oversee and manage the Chosen One, just like a supervisor overseeing a new employee on the job. You have to:

1. MONITOR and MONITOR every step of the renovation.

Okay, so what do you exactly look out for?

• Walk the site daily, if possible. Why?
By keeping tabs of the site closely, you are able to spot mistakes and rectify them early. Even though the Chosen One is supposed to be doing this, by having an additional set of eyes on the site ensures that nothing has been overlooked.

• Check everything - make sure it is to specifications. Why?
This is to make sure that the Chosen One has not accidently or deliberately "cut corners". Remember to keep a copy of the contract and the specifications which you have discussed with the Chosen One prior the contract signing. Keep checking and cross reference to your contract!

• Communicate as much as you'd like. Ask questions! Why?
You are definitely not an expert in renovation so do ask questions! There may be good reasons why something is slightly off the specifications and it may be in your best interest.

2. Maintain a good amicable long term working relationship.

Errh, you might wonder what?? why?! Aren't they paid for the job to do everything that you have discussed? They should be your slaves right?!

First of all, the Chosen One and his or her workers ARE HUMANS too. They have good and bad days like you do, and sure, things might get a bit heated if you do not see eye to eye but remember, it is still to your best interest to maintain an amicable working relationship because:

• They are the ones doing the job, NOT you. So do be kind and resonable. Why?
By showing some consideration (like offering drinks, snacks etc), their moral might get a boost and will probably be more dedicated in carrying out their duties and be more open to listening to what you have to say. I am sure you have heard horror stories of unauthorised works (stuffing rubbish behind walls, pouring cement into toilet bowls etc) and you don't want that to happen right? Get their names and contacts becoz...

• You probably will need their assistance again in near future. Why?
3 or 5 years down the road you need some minor touch ups (like repainting of old walls or repairing a chipped worn cupboard) and its usually the best to look for the same bunch of people who did your renovation. It's also cheaper to directly approach them instead of through a company.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that there is no perfect renovation. But if you monitor and communicate regularly, whilst maintaining a good relationship, your renovation should end well. :)

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