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Saturday, November 12, 2011

HDB Renovation Tips from Singapore Government websites

Renovation Guidelines For HDB Flats
Before you begin renovating your flat, you will need to know the following.
Building Work
Sanitary Work
Electrical Work
Air-conditioning Work
Gas Service
Window Safety & Maintenance

Guidelines For Building Works
-General Terms And Conditions
-Technical Terms And Conditions
-Minimum Safety Requirements For Installation/Replacement Of New Aluminium Windows
-3-year Restriction Period On Removal Of Toilets Wall And Floor Tiles Provided By HDB
-Floor Finishes
-Wall Finishes
-Sold Recess Area
-Refuse Chute Hopper
-False Ceiling
-Clothes Drying Hanger
-Fish Tank
-Household Shelters (HS)
-Approved Rented Common Area
SCDF Guidelines On Household Shelters
-Guidelines For Renovation Work In Household Shelters (HS) Set Out By Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)
Renovation Works That Are Not Allowed
-Renovation Works That Are Not Allowed In HDB

Guidelines For Sanitary Work
HDB flat lessees can engage any plumber to carry out sanitary works in their flats. However, flat lessees are encouraged to engage Singapore Plumbing Society (SPS) registered plumbers.

The list of SPS plumbers is available on the SPS's website at
Other Useful Information
-Technical Conditions Governing Sanitary/Water Pipe/Gas Pipe Work
-Guidelines For Sanitary & Plumbing/Gas Works

Guidelines For Electrical Work
Before you begin any electrical work installation to your home, you are required to engage a PUB licensed electrical contractor to carry out the electrical work in your house.
To search for a licensed electrical contractor, please click here.

Below are some electrical guidelines for
HDB Flats.
-Obtaining Approval - Electrical/Air-conditioner Works
-Electrical Works - General Terms And Conditions
-Electrical Works - Technical Terms And Conditions
-Electrical Works - Enquire Your Block's Electrical Loading
-Guidelines For Electrical Works
-Application For Electrical Installations/Extensions And Air-Conditioner Installation In HDB Flats

Guidelines For Air-conditioning Work
All air-conditioning works do not require approval of plans or a permit. However, the installation of supports for air-conditioning units on the exterior of your flat must be carried out by a BCA trained installer.

For a list of trained and licensed air-condition installers, please
click here.
Guidelines And Conditions For Installation Of Air-conditioners In HDB Flat
-Installation Guide For Air-Conditioners
-Guidelines For Air-conditioners Installation Works
-Application For Electrical Installations/Extensions And Air-Conditioner Installation In HDB Flats
Other Useful Information
-Legislation Of Air-con Units
-Methods Of Retrofitting

Guidelines For Gas Service
For any installation or alteration of gas piping, you are required to engage a Licensed Gas Service Worker (LGSW).

For a list of LGSW, please
click here.

Guidelines For Window Safety
For any installation or alteration of Windows, you are required to engage a Trained Windows Contractors.

For a list of Trained Windows Contractors, please
click here.
Other Useful Information
-Window Maintenance Guide
-Safety Requirements
-Indicative Prices

Extracted from BCA site.

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