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Monday, October 10, 2011

Invisible Window Grille

Does Conventional Window Grille make you feel like this?

Quoted from 

Why Invisible Grille is a "Must -Have" in Your Home?
- No Blocked Vision
- Anti-Rust
- Built Alarm System (Optional)
- Protect Children
- No More Cages
- Easy Escape During Emergency
- Fast Installation

Anyway, a picture speaks a thousand word. Take a look at how an invisible grille look like?

From what I observe, Invisible Grille looks like thin wires strung across the balcony...and thus helps blend into the interior, exterior design and improves the overall aesthetic of your home. Invisible grille offers you better visibility as compared to traditional installation and most importantly, it doesn't compromise safety and security concerns. Installers also offer integrated 24/7 alarm system for the Invisible Grille owners. This is a new solution to home owners who are looking for window and balcony protection. also offers invisible grille installation. Take a look at this gallery which features their past projects.

Quoted from

The benefits include:
 - Engineered with stainless steel cable system (anti-rust)
- Easy cleaning invisible grille
- Less maintenance
   - Stylish and modernized grille provides semi-outdoor and open character
   - Provides stylish see-through panoramic view
   - Detracted from traditional grille design and resulted unattractive look
   - Sustain and uphold building appearance
   - Provides safety and security

Last but not least, also provides invisible grille installation too. :)

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Anonymous said...

hehe thanks for the post!! wonder if its too ex to install @ hdb.. which would you recommend? invisiblegrille or le gate?

Diva said...

No problem. :) The actual price will vary as it depends on the dimensions of your balcony and windows.

Melissa said...

Came across in this blog as i search for some reviews about invisible grille. Just collected my keys. I have called some invisible grille companies and found out that now 2014, invisible grilles dropped down their prices on market. Happy to know it! I am from Anchorvale Residence, and I had a Bulk Purchase price with Legate. =) quality wise and price wise. is 100% ok =)

I agree actual price varies from dimensions =) So better to have a site measurement =) some companies offer it free and non obligatory.