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Monday, July 18, 2011

Furniture for small spaces - Introducing FlexibleLove :)

"FlexibleLove : Expandable Honeycomb Furniture Made From Recycled Cardboard Paper"

A friend of mine just shared with me this awesome eco-friendly site - and their furniture is perfect for small spaces! In fact, her brother has even brought the chair for his new flat and it's really cool.

Quick! Go and check out their site! ;)

However, she added that it can be uncomfortable when she sits on it for too long. Thus, its best to add a thick cushion seat on top. Just a tip for those who is considering to purchase this interesting furniture. ;)



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Grace 涵彬 said...

sorry.. do you know how much your friend bought the chair at? Which model did he buy?

Thx in adv

Diva said...

Hi thanks for dropping by! I have no idea...i will check with him..hopefully he still remember. :)

Diva said...

Hi, he said that its $500 + for a 5 to 8 seater when he bought it from a furniture fair. :)