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Monday, July 18, 2011

All about Grout

Summarized from Wikihow:

   1. Vacuum and remove all stray debris from the floor.

   2. Spray a non-toxic acid on all the tiles and grout (I assume to remove the stains).
   3. Scrub the grout and tile floor with a brush .
   4. Vacuum the floor again a wet/dry vacuum, then towel dry.

   5. Apply Color Grout Sealer (I will cover this more in detail in the later part of the post) to grout with brush applicator.
   6. Wipe excess color sealer off tile with damp chamois (or any type of porous leather which is non-abrasive but have exceptional absorption properties) and continue with each grout line in one direction.
   7. After sealer dries in about 20 minutes, buff the floor by spraying windex (or any glass and hard-surface cleaner) on floor and wiping mist off with towel.

So what is a Color Grout Sealer?

It  is a water-based sealer-stain that seals coats, colors and protects all cement-based grout joints and can be used on floor tiles and even backsplashes.

It can be used to enhance an existing grout color or change discolored or stained  grout and is available commercially in a wide range of  colors. Here is an amazing list of grout color chart which you can refer to.

In fact, you should discuss with your Contractor/ID on the matching grout color which will enhance and compliment the tiles which you have chosen. :)

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