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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Planning Your Finance!

With the launch of the pricest public housing so far, the spotlight has been cast again on DBSS flats. Again, as with any major purchase, you should do your homework throughly prior committing to purchase such a big-ticket item.

HDB has done a very good job in helping 1st timer or even 2nd timer couples work out their finance by providing self assessment tools online.

However, do take note that these tools only provides a guideline.

Taken from HDB site:
To assess your affordability, consider the following:

Available Cash Savings
CPF Monies
Housing Loan (if required)
CPF Housing Grant (if eligible)

To know the costs involved in purchasing a HDB, DBSS or an EC:
Buying a flat from HDB
Buying an EC/DBSS from developer

Online financial tools:
Step by step guide: Financing your flat.
other tools for Loan Eligibility & Monthly Instalment.

Hope you find these tools useful! :)

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