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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Digital Lock Part 1

Happy 2011 everyone!

I have chosen Digital Lock as my first post in this brand new year! :)

Why is that so? I noticed a trend of using digital locks even for HDB flats. Digital locks used to be a common feature for Condominiums, Apartments and Executive Condominiums. Now, HDB dwellers are increasingly using digital locks too. :)

The reasons for favoring high tech solutions over the traditional key lock systems are aplenty. They include:

1) Convenience
Does the thought of bringing the house keys make you whine when you went jogging around the neighborhood? Ever fumbled for keys in your bag while both arms are loaded with grocery? Digital lock might be the answer. Why? The digital keypad offers a quick and simple way of just pressing the correct sequence of buttons which then allows the door to be unlocked. Hence, owners need not carry physical keys around to manually unlock the door. They only need to remember the password combination to the digital lock. Therefore, there is no need to worry about loosing keys and getting locked out.

2) Ease of use (for elderly and disabled)
Digital lock also comes with tokens which allow owners to unlock the door by simply tapping the token on the digital lock panel. Therefore, its really a simple affair of "touch and go" . This is quite useful for the elderly or disabled who are poor in memorizing the password combination and struggle with physical keys when their hands coordination is very poor.

3) Ease of changing the digital password combination
Digital locks password can be easily reprogrammed. Therefore, for owners who wants added security, they can choose to change their password combination every month. Even for owners who have lost their key tokens, new password can be setup as soon as possible to prevent unauthorized entry.

4) Alarm system, yet another added security
Most digital locks have an alarm system which alerts homeowners when there is unauthorized access. Hence, this feature provides an added layer of home protection.

Nonetheless, what are the down sides of using digital locks? Here are some which I can think of...

1) Can be intimating for the less tech savvy users!
Digital locks can be arguably more complicated for the less tech savvy among us. Some die hard users may still favor traditional locks over digital ones.

2) Crashing and failing
Digital locks are just like our computers, they could crash or fail at the most unexpected times. In fact, some argue that they are more prone to crashing or failing (the more complicated a system the more there is to go wrong - particularly when it's dependent on a power source). Nonetheless, there is still manual override option available for all digital locks.

3) Costly and expensive!
Digital locks do not come cheap and the initial installation and maintenance is definitely costly. For some, additional tokens come at a price.

Nonetheless, I feel it still is worth the extra investment now for the advantages it brings. My next post will cover the digital locks that are available in the market. :)

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