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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Guide to buying a sofa

6 factors to consider before you buy a sofa!
1 Heavy Frame
A well-built sofa should be heavy as a good frame uses both hardwood for strength; softwood for flexibility.

2 How well is the sofa being sprung?
Cheap sofas are usually web-sprung with synthetic strips. Mid-range sofas are cross-sprung (usually more comfortable than web-sprung); The most expensive yet comfortable sofa is traditionally coil-sprung.

3 How firm do you want the sofa?
Foam-filled cushions are more supportive and lasting as they tend to keep their shape. Foam and fibre cushions are softer. Feather-filled cushions are the softest, but need regular plumping as they went of shape easily. Note that foam and feather is a better mix for sofa to be more lasting.

4 Loose or fitted covers?
If you have children or pets, loose covers are the safer option as you can take them off and have them washed or dry cleaned. Fitted covers aren't so easy to clean, but can be protected with a treatment such as Scotchguard.

5 What is your design theme?
A zen theme calls for a earth toned fabric/wood sofa and a victorian upholstered sofa will only suit a classically designed home. You should go furniture hunting first to see which sofa you like before informing your interior designer to settle for the theme. This is because its easier to change the theme than to go around hunting for a piece of furniture to suite the design.

6 What is the measurements?
Make sure you bring a measuring tape and your floor plan along. Also, do measure your doors and hallway. If access is a problem, you should pick a model that can be dismantled easily.

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