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Thursday, February 7, 2008

ID review: Senz Design

Senz Design
Sevices: 7/10
Pricing: 6/10
Workmanship: 6.5/10
Interior Design: 8/10

We met up with Khoon Wah during the Home Expo exhibition in March. We decided to give him a try after discussing with him. A nice and creative chap...he took lengths to ensure that he is able to meet our requests for the inspection the workmanship of his carpentry works. We also took the chance to take a peek at the interior designs his company has to offer to his clients.
We met up with him on two occassions and talked on a few times.

The Good- He was very punctual.
- He volunteered to show us the different kinds of wall papers and the types of materials.
- He is really into interior design as I can feel the passion he has for this art by just talking with him.
- He is bold and creative in his design and can sketch us perspective drawings within seconds to illustrate his point.
- He explained to us the different kind of materials and textures that we chose will affect the out come of the interior design.
- He swiftly came up with an innovative idea for our foyer area which I really like. No hard selling too.
- He can help us visualize clearly of the kinda of design he has for us...I can almost see the design he proposed in my mind just by talking to him.
- He was not afraid to tell our certain counter proposals do not go well with the theme we wanted. - He brought us to a 4 room flat in Boon Tiong which was completed last year...and wow...we were blown off away by the bold design!

The Bad
- The price is kinda of steep (amount is still an estimate)...But cant be helped coz of the bold design he proposed...
- The workmanship of the kitchen cabinet doesn't seem to be very good upon closer inspection..or was it that the owners were kinda of rough?
- The company is still very new. Barely 2 years old I think.

- Shortlisted. :)

An update: Senz closed down sometime in 2007 right after we decided to engage GPlan. Its a good lesson to learn that going for young companies does have its risks.

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