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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Decorating with color

Many people are afraid to use color in their interior design. Most stick with neutral colors like white and pastel colors to be safe. But, understanding the nature of color scheme will help you to create the correct mood and overall sense of style.

Using colors to create optical illusions

Color can create optical illusions and make a big room appear larger or smaller depending on the colors which you choose.

As a general rule of thumb: dark colors make a room look smaller and cozier. Thus, if you have a big room with a high ceiling, you can pick a darker color scheme. This will make the room seem smaller and cozier.

Coloring one wall of a long room with a darker shade creates an illusion of depth.

Using colors to create a sense of style

Bold black, white and grey, coupled with the correct use of textures like glass and metal usually lend themselves to a contemporary modern look. Earth tone colors like brown, shades of green with beachfront-inspired d├ęcor lend well to resort feel.
A more indepth article on color trends:

Colors evoke emotions

Taken from

Colors do affect people in ways that we sometimes don't even realize. Its no concidence that Hospital rooms have certain colors such as yellow and green to help soothe patients back to health.

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Color theory and harmony

Basic colors are known as Primary Colors - Yellow, Blue & Red.

Mixing Primary Colors will give you Secondary Colors - Green, Orange, Purple.

When a Primary Color and a Secondary Color are combined, Tertiary Color or Intermediate Color will be formed.

When picking color schemes for your home, it is recommended to choose colors that are either directly opposite from one another on the color wheel (complementary colors) or directly next to each other on the color wheel (tertiary colors). These are the colors that are most harmonious with each other and they tend to produce the best looking interiors.

A more indepth article on colorwheel:
Some of the popular paint brands that are being used in Singapore include Nippon Paint and ICI Paint.

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