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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Scandinavian Inspired Home Design

Scandinavian interiors are very popular right now. For those who are unfamiliar with this design, IKEA playbook will give you a glimpse of  Scandinavian styled interiors.

What makes an interior design "Scandinavian"? I did a research and found out that the the following design guidelines.  Before I start, I will have to provide a brief background of how the design came about. The design is deeply influenced by the the geography constraints and the climate. Hence the  design is to address the harsh environmental conditions (read: long days of winter with shorter daylight) and restrained the natural resources.

Bright and Airy
Having a light color scheme and light window curtains are meant to make up the lack of sunlight experience during the severe weather.Light curtains with translucent fabric are meant to let in as much natural light as possible. Interiors are kept bright and decked out in bright palette such as white walls is to amplify the light as might as possible. Emphasis is placed on lighting so that the places sufficiently bathed in light even in the night.

Form and Function
 Limited availability of natural resources meant that furnishings such as furniture is no frills yet functional. Limited resources meant that the Scandinavian have to maximize the use of natural materials such as wood in their furnishing. Hence, you can see plenty of wood and  upholstery made from materials such as cotton and linen.  

Due to the climate, most designs try to inject  ornamental plants and flowers to make up the lack of greeny at home.  

Colorful Accents 
I noticed that most designs will have colorful accents so as to personalise the look.  

My Take?
Such theme is very suitable for space challenged homes. Due to the bright airy interiors...and the liberal use of wood makes the whole place very cozy and livable. And to adapt such a look is very easy, MUJI and IKEA is the more affordable place to get the furnishing.

Here are my favorite picks from my Pinterest board:

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