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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Food and Electronics Bazaar 2012

Food and Electronics Bazaar 2012

The much awaited Food and Electronic Bazaar 2012 is starting tomorrow! And, the best part about having such a food cum electronic exhibition is that you never have to shop on an empty stomach! :)

My take on electronic exhibitions? Most prices are lower because most of the stores are trying to clear older models in order to make way for new ones. This makes them an attractive place for bargain hunters like me! However, fret not - latest models are also being showcased in such events.

Some might wonder whether if it is wise to spend on the older electronic models. Well, prices of electronic gadgets depreciate very fast and not to mention, you most probably find the same model retailing at a bargain corner after 1 year.

Nonetheless, here are some pointers for those who are attending the bazaar :

1) Draft a checklist of electronic items you are sourcing for your new home. It is easy to get carried away and be overwhelmed by the variety of items that are on sale. Having a checklist keeps you from going nuts in check and not overspend on items which are not necessary; 

2) Do not be pressured to purchase any electronic item on the spot. Take your time to walk around, compare and contrast the functionality, built and price. This also a good tactic to negotiate with the salesmen or a better price;

3) Conduct a research on the model which you have been eyeing on. With ubiquitous mobile computing via smart phones and digital tablets, why not perform a quick research for poor product reviews prior commitment? It might save you some head-and-heart-ache in future.

Happy hunting! Details of the exhibition is below! :)

Exhibition Content: Food & Electronics
Location: Singapore Expo, Hall 5A
Date: 13 Jul to 15 Jul 2012
Time: 11 am to 9 pm
Cost: Free Admission, open to Public
Refer to here for directions and accessibility.

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