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Thursday, July 12, 2012

10 Tips for Decorating Your Kitchen

10 Tips for Decorating Your Kitchen

1. Aside from functionality, the aesthetic aspect of the kitchen faucet should not be overlooked. It should blend in your overall kitchen design and color;

2. Optimise storage space by building overhead shelves and cabinets;

3. Odd and hard to reach corners can be utilised by investing in pulled out on runners or rollers;

4. Consider a wet and dry kitchen or even an island top and bench; by clearly designating work zones, it allows more flexibility when choosing your decor pieces;

5. Kitchen curtains, rugs, cookies tins, jars, towels, bowls are also essential items for decorating your kitchen;

6. Add a bowl of fruits or a vase of flowers for an instant splash of color;

7. Kitchen appliances should have a consistent finish to complement the kitchen cabinets and finishing;

8. For open kitchen concept, bring down kitchen walls to free up more light and space;

9. Install glass walls to keep in grim and grease for open kitchens which are heavily utilised;

10. Sick of plain fridge doors? Jazz them up by using magnetic diamante earrings.

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